Tour de Gourmet, World Gourmet Fare Buffet Restaurant

Tour de Gourmet will provide you with an enjoyable dining experience. Enjoy signature menus from the top chefs renowned around the world and special desserts of patisseries in one place.

☎ 02-2283-3030, 3031   Instagram#Tourdegourmet

Opening Hours

Breakfast 07:00~10:00

Lunch 11:30~14:30(weekdays) / 12:00~15:00(weekends)

Dinner 18:00~21:30 (*closed on Sundays)

Menu & Price

Breakfast Adult KRW 23,100 / Child KRW 11,550

Lunch Adult KRW 27,000 / Child KRW 13,500 (weekdays)

            Adult KRW 48,000 / Child KRW 24,000 (weekends)

Dinner Adult KRW 48,000 / Child KRW 24,000

*The above amount includes a 10% tax.
*Children fare applies to those aged 13 and under.
*Under 60 months child free.

Location & Seat

Location 2F

Seats 134 (Private dining room 10 persons, 14 persons)

TOUR de Cafe

Tour de cafe, European style dessert cafe

Tour de Café offer full flavor signature desserts from around the world to satisfy your appetite with a savory cup of coffee at the same time.

☎ 02-2283-3033

Opening Hours



Coffee Paul Bassett

Dessert European style homemade dessert (Macaron, Echerer, cake)

Sandwich & Snack

Location & Seat

Location 1F

Seats 80


Youlam the grill, Modern Korean Fare

Youlam the Grill invites you to have a variety of dishes of premium meat of the chef’s choice paired with Korean traditional liquor.

☎ 02-2283-3040, 3041   #Youlamthegrill

Opening Hours

Lunch 11:30~15:30

Dinner 17:30~21:30

* Closed on Sundays


Grilled A La Carte Menu Korean Premium Beef Tenderloin, Striploin, Rib-eye, Lamb chops

Course Menu (Grill, Sashimi)


*The above amount includes a 10% tax.

Location & Seat

Location 1F

Seats 86 (Private dining room)