Promotion Dining

Youlam the Grill (Korean restaurant, 2F)
Contact | +82-02-2283-3040

Promotion period


Promotion : Discount Grilled A La Carte

  • Lamb Chops (Australian, 200g)
    Promotion price KRW 18,000 (KRW 28,000)
  • Hanwoo Dry Aging Beef Striploin (Korean, 130g)
    Promotion price  KRW 18,000 (KRW 32,000)
  • Beef Ribs (Korean, 130g)
    Promotion price KRW 18,000 (KRW 39,000)


  • Additional discounts are not applicable.
  • Please make a reservation before visiting.
  • There is a limited number of sales per day, so promotional prices may not be available.
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